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About Sclerotherapy-
Spider Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is an in-office treatment used to eliminate superficial telangiectasia's (spider veins) in the legs. Spider veins are enlarged blood vessels that appear red or blue. These small dilated vessels may be short, unconnected lines, or they may be connected in a matted "sunburst" pattern. They may also look like a spider web or a tree with branches. 

Sclerotherapy Tucson

A solution, called polidocanol, is injected into the spider veins to irritate the lining of the vein, and block the flow of blood, causing the vein to close. Doing so re-routes the blood from the closed vein to healthy functioning veins. The body will naturally re-absorb the closed vein, and as blood flow begins to re-route to healthy veins, the appearance of the spider veins diminish on the surface of the skin.

How Sclerotherapy Works

Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy may require multiple sessions, and can be performed on an outpatient basis.  1 to 3 treatments are usually necessary to effectively treat the spider veins.

What To Expect

A combination of sclerotherapy and vein laser may be used in conjunction, for the best results.

Our staff applies compression stockings to your leg(s). You’ll wear the stockings for 5-7 days after treatment. The compression helps prevent the closed vein from refilling with blood, and will reduce bruising, swelling and pain. We recommend walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day, avoiding prolonged periods of sitting or standing. Normal activity can be resumed immediately; however for 5-7 days you will need to refrain from vigorous exercise including: jogging, hiking, swimming, and lifting anything over 15 pounds. Avoid direct sun exposure during the healing process (2 weeks) to prevent hyperpigmentation on the treated area.

After Treatment

Compression Stocking
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