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About Varithena - Varicose Vein Treatment

When it comes to treating varicose veins and returning to the activities you love, there's a new, nearly painless way. Varithena is a gentle microfoam treatment delivered in as few as 1-2 needle sticks. In clinical trials, patients reported pain at the injection or application site at a rate of 4.0%. For most people, Varithena improves both the physical symptoms related to varicose veins and their appearance.


Putting your needs front and center, this fast, minimally invasive treatment allows you to address your varicose veins your way—with little to no downtime. It's important to note that you should not undergo Varithena treatment if you're allergic to polidocanol or have clots in your blood vessels.


Procedures in less than one hour,

so you can get right back to your day.

Varithena Tucson

1 - 2

Only 1-2 needle sticks per 


Vein Procedure

Treatment & Results

Thousands of people who want to feel and look their best choose Varithena. It's covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, and the quick treatment allows most people to get right back to their days. Learn about what happens during and after the procedure and view before-and-after photos.

There are no incisions, sedation, or general anesthesia required. Dr. Goldberg may recommend Varithena because it is effective in treating veins of different sizes up and down your leg. It doesn't require a wire to be inserted along the length of your vein, is administered in as little as one or two needle sticks per treatment, and doesn't use heat, eliminating the risk of burns. Unlike glue, Varithena dissolves in the bloodstream after treatment, leaving nothing permanently in your vein.

What To Expect

Before the treatment, Dr. Goldberg numbs the injection site, and no additional anesthesia is required.


During the treatment, Dr. Goldberg administers a small amount of Varithena. The Varithena microfoam fills the desired section of the vein and treats the vein wall, causing the diseased vein to collapse. Blood flow is redirected to healthier nearby veins, and the microfoam disperses as it comes into contact with blood in healthy veins.

After Treatment

While allergic reactions are rare, a healthcare professional will monitor you for signs of an allergic reaction for at least 10 minutes. Our staff applies bandages and compression stockings to your leg. You'll wear the stockings for two weeks post-Varithena treatment. Since Varithena is minimally invasive and well-tolerated by most people, you're likely to return to most normal activities the same day. Avoid heavy exercise for 2 weeks post-treatment. For a month post-treatment, walk at least 10 minutes a day and avoid long periods of inactivity. Additional treatment sessions may be needed. The most common side effects include leg pain or discomfort, injection site bruising or pain, and potentially serious blood clots in the leg veins.

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